Naval Architecture

RV Yeti Etsy

Principle dimensions:
LBP: 85m
B: 16m
T: 5m
Capacity: 56 (25 crew, 1 doctor, 30 scientists)
Class: 1A
Mission: Ice breaking research vessel

Yeti Etsy was designed for Newcastle University’s Design Challenge. She won the first place. Dr Maryam Haroutunian assigned us the task of designing the floor
general arrangement as a top-view. I decided to take it to the next level, thus designing her in 3D. Two different hulls were designed, an ice-breaking one and
one for reduced resistance. The finals attended lecturers, PhD students and professional naval architects and engineers.
Yeti Etsy has 4 floors and the bridge. There is a central staircase-elevator according to all safety regulations and four weather-proof safety doors in each floor. On
the 4th floor there is a helipad with straight access to the elevator. There are 4 escape roots, one on each side of the superstructure. The fore one is in the
superstructure, whereas the rest are non-slippery.
She has two communal spaces and a gym. 3 wet and 2 dry labs are on the open deck level, as is the hospital too.

RV Yeti Etsy
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